Remembrance: After the Loss
Cemetery & Standing Orders

Please accept our sympathies on the loss of your loved one. Whether the loss was recent or farther in the past, we understand the significance of taking care of a departed's grave. We pride ourselves on being of service to you during that initial loss and we desire to continue that service throughout the years to come. Our silk arrangements are all made by hand in our shop, which not only provides you with unique pieces to choose from but also the ability to custom design them as well.

Throughout the year, we offer fresh and/or silk cemetery spikes for vases, monument saddles and sprays. While we do keep seasonal silk sprays & saddles in the shop year-round, we also keep a selection of silk bushes for you to choose from. These bushes allow you to customize your order by combining silks and choosing what style of arrangement works best for the grave of your loved one.

We know the holiday season can be especially difficult and therefore we have special seasonal pieces available during that time. During the month of December we offer fresh grave blankets (a 3' x 7' blanket of fresh spruce greens) as well as fresh and silk wreaths and swags. While all of these options include red outdoor bows, you may also choose to decorate them in a variety of ways by adding ornaments, pinecones, silk poinsettias, etc. at an additional cost. The supply of fresh grave blankets and fresh wreaths is limited so please let us know by October if we can put these items aside for you. If it is past October and you are still interested, please give us a call. While they do go quickly, sometimes we still have a few left later in the season.

Also, any of the above mentioned items may be placed on a standing order. When you place a standing order with us, that means we will take care of it for you annually at the time(s) you designate. For example, you may request we place a seasonal spike for this particular grave at this cemetery on this date. That way, until you cancel, we will automatically take care of that for you each year. For the specialty items in December (such as grave blankets & wreaths) we send reminder notices of standing orders out annually in the fall for you to confirm your order.

The caretaking for each cemetery is slightly different and at different times of the year flowers may not have the option of being placed or may be removed. It may be best to call them in advance if you are unsure of their regulations so that your flowers may be there for as long as you expect them to be.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our cemetery products or their standing orders, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.